Thursday, November 17, 2011

Forward Line 3/Challenge Update

I'm pleased to announce that Twitter's @BatmanWI has also joined us in the 1,000 signature challenge. That's four of us now who've officially signed on for the challenge.

As days go, day three on the Forward line was not much to brag about. Apparently strapping on the Rollerblades for four hours after not using them for a couple months left an impact on my muscles, most notably on the shoulders. (This may also have been fallout from the rock that lodged in my skate on Wednesday.) Crawling out of bed to roll again was a little tougher than expected--nothing major, just general stiffness. I only managed 13 signatures today. Twelve were on doors, though some of my signers were not on my list. At an apartment complex for seniors, a woman noticed I had my "Recall Walker" clipboard while I was buzzing the apartments on my list and pointed it out to the older woman (possibly her mother?) she was dropping off. The banter was amusing. The younger woman told me that while they'd been out they saw a Walker bumper sticker, and she'd joked to her companion that she wished she had some eggs to throw at the car. The older woman's response? "That would be a waste of perfectly good eggs." Feisty grandmothers are a good way to start the collection process.

I've been finding that when signers recommend visiting specific neighbors about signing, the response is mixed. I've found mostly that when people say, "so-and-so works in trade X, they should sign," more often than not so-and-so isn't interested. I suppose that Midwestern politeness, in which you don't talk about politics, is partly to blame, and people try to assume their neighbors' views based on their occupations. One woman, however, gave me a very helpful tip today about a couple that had just moved to a condo and put their house up for sale, so I wouldn't have had accurate information about where they were living now. Another woman politely debated the politics of recall with me toward the end of my doors, which slowed me down, but truthfully, if I hadn't spoken with her I'd have missed collecting the signatures of a pair of sisters, in the nun sense of the word, because they pulled in as I was leaving. Also, on my way back to my car, another woman who'd been gone had just arrived home, so the delay may have helped more than it hurt. The extra time spent standing in one place, though, did result in my fingers beginning to go numb, which made it very difficult to remove my skates. Thankfully, I had scissors for the duct tape.

After a brief stop home to change and grab some warm cookies, I taped a sign to a broom and tried to gather signatures at my local Pick N Save, at which Bob had success, but I may have gotten there too close to sundown. I only attracted one signature, though a couple would have signed if they'd seen me before they were lodged firmly in the turn lane. I let them know about the location of the office downtown. I'm hoping to get to bed sooner tonight and to take a painkiller to see if that'll help with the stiffness. I plan to be outside for most of the day tomorrow in a couple of different places, and I'm trying to adapt some of the methods Bob described for attracting attention. He's way better at collecting signatures than I am, and I hope to benefit from the experiences that he's shared. And tomorrow's supposed to crack 40˚, which seems downright balmy after today and even yesterday.

Ninety-six signatures down, 904 to go toward my challenge goal. Forward line, go!

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