Sunday, November 20, 2011

Emerge Interlude #1

With Emerge training this weekend, I didn't have any real opportunity to collect signatures. It was, however, exciting to find so many of my classmates helping to lead the recall efforts in their own backyards. I'm proud of my classmates' commitment to a better future for Wisconsin and their willingness to invest themselves in the long and tedious work of petitions.

I visited Gesu Catholic church on Marquette campus this morning, and as I sat through the homily, it occurred to me that either it was purposefully subtly coded as pro-recall or else the priest must have been thinking about recall in the back of his mind when he wrote it. In stressing that we needed to thank God for the things that have been given us, the priest insisted we 'recall' these things at least three times, possibly more, instead of just saying remember. It's hard to believe right now that anyone could accidentally use that word with the level of politically charged atmosphere currently in Wisconsin, and Jesuits usually keep themselves educated and informed. That alone might not have convinced me, but when the list of things that we should recall and be thankful for came up, the land/environment was first and education second. It seemed just a tad too convenient, but it was well-played in my opinion.

I'm enjoying seeing accounts from other activists in their recall efforts. Tammy sent me this one, and I'm currently contemplating the logistics of a small cart. If we exchange ideas, hopefully we will find ways to increase our success by learning from each other's successes as well as failures. For all of you out there with your boots on the ground: thank you!

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