Friday, December 2, 2011

My Yoda: "Fighting" Bob, the Recall Master

I apologize for falling behind on updates. I've been struggling with energy levels since I got back from my northern excursion. I collected 23 signatures at the library on Monday, 119 at the library on Tuesday, I stayed in to try to catch up on things around the house on Wednesday, managed a measly 9 on Thursday, and only came up with 13 today before I called it a day at half past cold. I'm scheduled to collect at an event at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, and it looks like I'd better take the bright orange "happy crab" umbrella with me. I'll also be giving the ironing-board signature station its maiden voyage tomorrow.

Because I'm feeling such a drain from my personal life right now, I'm trying to put my all into the recall, but, other than Tuesday, it feels like it's turning out to be a pretty meager mustering this week, and not just from a numbers perspective. As I struggle through my days right now, I know that there are others out there that are so much more worthy of the spotlight that I had no idea would be pointing my direction on Monday. For instance, Elias and has amazing recall backpack. But especially my very own Yoda, Oshkosh's "Fighting" Bob, who is kicking my tail in signature collection as of this moment.

While I'm lodged at 441 signatures, last night Bob already had 648 signatures. He had more than 500 on Sunday night. When I talked to him after the HQ meeting on Sunday, we discovered that our tally systems were different and I didn't feel quite so inadequate (he'd been counting the signatures for both Walker and Kleefisch, while I was only counting Walker; the numbers you see here now are reflective of my Walker-centric way of tallying--double his numbers and imagine how inadequate I initially felt). Still, I'm absolutely amazed at Bob's ability to go out there and get those signatures, no matter what.

Bob left me with this bit of wisdom: he said it didn't matter what he'd already done, it just mattered what he'd go out and do tomorrow. Since I'm feeling challenged today, I'm trying to focus on Bob's philosophy. OK, so I've got 441 signatures so far. So I only got 13 signatures today. That's in the past. What am I going to do tomorrow? At this point, I plan to make sure that I'm to my post by 10:00 a.m. with a smile and my umbrella and hope that this event turns out for us. No matter what happens, I should plan to go out again on Sunday. And the day after that. And the day after that. If he's not working crazy shifts, I know Bob will. And he'll make every moment count. I want to follow his example and do the same. May the Forward force be with you. It's strong with my Yoda, Oshkosh's "Fighting" Bob, and I'm grateful for his guidance.

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