Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Challengers Report

With all of the 1,000 Signature Challengers reporting in their numbers, we've reached 2,146 signatures amidst the lot of us. "Fighting" Bob is in the lead, followed by me. The tag-team of @wisocialworker & @BoxmanSigns are barely edging out @ktuerk, who's closing fast. @BatmanWI is next, with @amadorlicea trailing, but with working two shifts that's completely understandable. The whole point of the challenge is to have fun while we work towards a goal, so no real pressure here. I'm sure there are volunteers who haven't officially taken the challenge who've single-handedly made it to 1,000 signatures already, and I am grateful for every single signature they've each collected. It's a friendly competition, and we all win.

We've introduced some new items in Oshkosh for fun and games, including a signature leader board to track the progress of individual volunteers. (It turns out that Bob & I combined are responsible for around 1/3 of the signatures that have been turned into Oshkosh.) We've also introduced a new game which awards ladder-rungs to volunteers for various abuses that they endure while out in the field. Since some people have had some pretty awful things happen to them in the line of duty, it's meant as a way for people to laugh at these things with their fellow volunteers. So the next time some young man yells, "Fuck you, Walker's the shit, Bitch!" I get to move my marker up the ladder one rung for the F-bomb. (Personally, I'd hope that masterful argument would be worth more points--I might be able to get two since it also contains a "Walker is the best" type of sentiment in addition to the F-bomb.) First person to reach the stars wins!

Speaking of stars, here's another good recall diary read to check out. All of you fabulous volunteers out there, please stay safe and keep those signatures coming! You are all, as @theadingo coined it, DemocStars!

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